Custom and Hosted Workshops


The Institute for Strategic Funding Development (ISFD) is the key industry leader in providing customized training workshops. Our exclusive packages offer clients a one-stop resource training program to include the fundamentals of both grant writing and fundraising techniques. Although grant writing and fundraising are two distinct programs, ISFD recognizes both to be essential resources to strengthen sustainable funding opportunities.


Choosing an ISFD customized training workshop will place clients in the hands of innovative instructors who have extensive background in expert grant writing and fundraising methods. We will work closely with the organization sponsor to identify specific program needs and match the organization with the appropriate instructor. Key course components will include expert grant writing education, strategic program planning solutions and ample funding development resources that will increase funding opportunities for new and existing programs.


To receive more information about customized ISFD training workshops, please complete our request for information form here. Someone from the ISFD office will follow up with your request immediately. Please also feel free to call us at our toll free number 1.877.414.8991 or email us at



In addition to customized workshops, clients may also have the option of hosting their own workshop and utilize ISFD instructors and materials. The host organization’s major responsibilities include providing the facility space, serving as a local point of contact and assisting with basic workshop logistics. Many clients opt for this format since they are able to provide greater input for the curriculum, structure and participants of the workshop. The benefits of hosting these workshops are far reaching – you will be able to provide a strong service to your fellow colleagues while gaining credibility amongst your community members. It will also provide you the advantage of addressing upcoming RFP’s and innovative ways to build a team within your organization. Through this opportunity, you will be able to network with other professionals and cultivate long lasting relationships. Schedule of Events