Programs and Services

Strategic Grant Proposal Writing:

The Institute for Strategic Funding Development’s grant writing course is designed to demystify the grant writing process. It provides a comprehensive overview of effective grant development techniques, including but not limited to, innovative program designs, finding best fit funding sources and strategic planning for funding sustainability.

Through a step-by-step, hands–on approach, ISFD participants will learn the proposal writing process in its entirety and develop a rough draft proposal detailing essential grant writing components.

The course will cover the following topics:

• Understanding the Score Process
• Developing Goals, Objectives and Evaluations
• Building a Strong Budget
• Planning for Program Sustainability
• Strategic Program Planning
• Finding “best fit” funding sources
• Examining Grant Applications and RFP’s
• Establishing Successful Grant Development Teams
• Creating Effective Proposal Components
• Building Relationships with Potential Funders
• Designing Innovative Programs
• Understanding E-Grant Applications and On-Line Forms

Strategic Fundraising Development:

The Strategic Fundraising workshop offered through the Institute for Strategic Funding Development is designed to teach industry leaders how to develop innovative and marketable funding solutions. Through a step-by-step approach, our program examines core fundraising principles that may be applied to new and existing programs. The workshop will place an emphasis on cultivating effective communication strategies to enhance your organization’s program and events, where other topics will include:

• Strategic Fundraising Planning
• Fundraising Techniques
• How to Ask for Money
• Building a Fundraising Board
• Writing a Winning Sponsorship Proposal
• Creating Successful Special Events
• Building Donor Loyalty
• Relationship Fundraising
• Motivating your Volunteers
• Managing Capital Campaigns
• Methods for Requesting Intermediate and Major Gifts
• Utilizing On-Line Fundraising
• Innovative Fundraising Ideas
• Advantages of fundraising software

Customized Workshops

The Institute for Strategic Funding Development (ISFD) is the industry leader in providing customized training workshops. Our exclusive packages allow clients to develop a unique workshop curriculum specific to your organization’s program requirements. Key course components will include expert grant writing education, strategic program planning solutions and ample funding development resources that will increase funding opportunities for new and existing programs.

We have extensive experience in providing these customized workshops to a variety of organizations across many industries. Our instructors will work closely with you to tailor an appropriate agenda and identify specific program needs.

To receive more information about customized ISFD training workshops, please complete our form to request grant writing information. Someone from the ISFD office will follow up with your request immediately. Please also feel free to call us at our toll free number 1.877.414.8991 or email us at

Hosted Workshops

Clients can also host their own workshop and utilize ISFD instructors and materials. The host organization’s major responsibilities include providing the facility space, serving as a local point of contact and assisting with basic workshop logistics. Many clients opt for this format since they are able to provide greater input for the curriculum, structure and participants of the workshop.

The benefits of hosting these workshops are far reaching – you will be able to provide a strong service to your fellow colleagues while gaining credibility amongst your community members. It will also provide you the advantage of addressing upcoming RFP’s and innovative ways to build a team within your organization. Through this opportunity, you will be able to network with other professionals and cultivate long lasting relationships. Grant Writing Events