About Us

Company Vision:

Welcome to the Institute for Strategic Funding Development (ISFD). Our goal is to educate individuals seeking grants and fundraising for their programs through our innovative in person workshops. We believe that by sharing the experiences and knowledge of our organization, individuals will be able to achieve a highly effective grant writing ability resulting in successfully funded programs.

Company Background:

To support this vision, ISFD offers a wide variety of workshops and consulting services to help learn the fundamental and advanced techniques of grantwriting and fundraising to effectively achieve a higher degree of funding success.

Throughout our history, we have taught a wide variety of sectors including academic, research, health, government, and nonprofit professionals. ISFD instructors each possess over ten years experience in writing successful grant proposals and fundraising development. They currently teach hundreds of workshops and seminars throughout the nation. This is not any ordinary workshop; we have a proven track record of providing new and improved funding practices and work closely as a team to provide optimal client satisfaction.

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